Saturday, January 28, 2012

River City

Most of my lived experience of what a "river" means has been formed by a view of this:

The Arkansas, as it flows through south Tulsa, is naturally made up of more sand than water. Which makes it funny that Jenks, Oklahoma, long before the "River Walk" was built and some municipal magic made the water level rise, boasted a giant antique/nick-knack shop with this title:

I've spent a lot of time in River City Trading Post. I bought this Beethoven bust/fancy hat rack there:

 My sister recently found THIS there:

And our mom used to work there.

Anyhow, today's offering is not part of the Friendstravaganza. It's a song called "River City" that has basically nothing to do with the trading post. 

I've been asked to provide a moment of music at the opening ceremonies for a week-long residency at OU for an Irish playwright this March, and I'm supposed to play one of my own songs and one traditional-sounding Irish song. Do y'all think this one sounds like enough of an Okie tune to balance against the one they pick for me?

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