Saturday, February 4, 2012


I wrote a song this week. It’s the first one since last July. It was a cathartic exercise rather than any sort of real art, but the friend I sent it to said it was beautiful. I can’t post it here.

I know that’s a terrible story, but it’s been a terrible week.

Still no master’s degree. Still no new job. Still haven’t applied enough. Still not done with the children’s show. Still not started on any album. Almost got hit by a car. Was almost certainly an accessory to a crime. Said goodbye and good riddance to a neighbor I’d been trying to help out. Said some really poorly timed things to a friend and haven’t forgiven myself for it yet.

If you know the Lord, please pray for me.

But I know people up against much worse, and so do you. So pray for them, and I will too.

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