Saturday, January 7, 2012

A couple of hopes for 2012

Twenty years and humpteen-thousand dollars of the taxpayers' (mostly my parents') money later, I am done* with my schooling years. I met a man this week who has been in prison the past twenty years and just got out. There are worse things I could have been doing with my time...

I have several hopes for my life post-graduation, for 2012, some of them better-defined than others. For one, I hope to find a second job to supplement my hours at the Fine Arts Library. I've applied for OU's temp-placement program, and at the insistence of a letter I got in the mail yesterday from a friend in Alabama, this week I will apply for food stamps and for a job at Panera. Those two ingredients, I'm told, will ensure my success. Well, that and meeting Dolly Parton, but that's another story.

This isn't that story, but on Monday a couple friends and I used our day off of work (is January 2nd always a holiday? I'm new to this...) to gallivant around the Arbuckle Mountains. At a little junk shop called "The Gettin' Place" (or something like that) I did pick up a Dolly Parton record. It has both of the songs of hers that I know on it.

We were planning to climb around the castle at Turner Falls Park, but the park was closed. Instead, we found a bridge in Sulpher that looks like it could be part of a castle.

Here's me looking sinister while Caroline and Maggie perch pleasantly on the bridge behind me:

Another hope for this year is to record a song every week, and to probably post it on this blog. Sometimes I'll write new songs, sometimes I'll record songs I just like to sing, and sometimes I'll record songs that my friends like and ask them to play along with me.

Today's offering is called "Going Away" and it's by The Innocence Mission.

Going Away

*Due to a technicality (that is entirely my fault for procrastinating) I still won't have my master's degree until I fill out one more form and have a professor sign it and have three or four foreign dignitaries look at it without giving a harrumph of stately disapproval.

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