Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good and Silent

I woke with a start quite early this morning after only sleeping a couple of hours.

I took a good and silent walk. When I got back home I took my guitar and played softly as I could so I wouldn’t wake my roommate. I half-whispered, half-sang a few songs to the Lord and felt compelled to write out the arrangement for one of them.

The song is called “Lukewarm at Best,” and this is what I was able to make of it this morning:

There’s more on either end of it, but these are the string parts for the dramatic development section without any singing. As it has happened, I worked straight on through all of first service and the beginning of second service, so I’m missing church again this morning.

I have a bevy of good sermons in my mp3 player, so I’m putting on my headphones to lay down with one of those until I drift back asleep.


  1. Lovely.

    (I'm so glad you've decided to start this blog!)

  2. Thank you, Beth! I couldn't ask for a better one (or ten) word review than that. :)